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Green Gracious is the best moisturizer that I have ever tried and I have tried plenty. It keeps my skin so soft and clear Love a young entrepreneur.
Sade M.

Simply put. It is the best. I love the Green Gracious and the Purple Bath Salts. They smell great and are relaxing. I am 44 and look for beauty creams that help my dermatitis and I can never find any. This does wanders.

I love what little Kayla is doing. Her products are amazing and i love that they have No WTF Ingridients. lol I just ordered my next bottle of Green Gracious.

I am big makeup guru. I will admit that I use non-organic makeup. What I do like is the fact that I can put on Green Gracious and it acts almost as a protect ant from bad ingredients of the makeup. I like the idea of reducing chemicals in my everyday life.

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