Beauty for All Shades. No WTF Ingridients

Introducing a Natural and Organic Beauty Line that Helps Soothe Many Skin Diseases and Serves Makeup Gurus Too.
Kayla has create a wonderful mix of natural and organic products Mixing Green Beauty & High Glam for the everyday teen and woman with
No WTF Ingridients

No WTF Ingridients

Can you pronounce
diazolidinyl urea
imidazolidinyl urea?


Meet some the ingredients in your beauty products, especially your face creams. Life is too short to put trash ion your body. Be able to pronounce what's on the bottle before you use what's in it. Use Kaylas Kurlz Green Gracious. It’s a skin beauty therapy cream you can asborb!

Our Gracious Green is formulated to heal, soothe, and moisturize conditions such as:
Hidradenitis Suppurativa
Sun Burn
And is a Great Pre-Moisturizer before and after Makeup Application

Natural and Organic Products with

NO WTF Ingridients
Go Green

What our beloved patrons are saying...

Love Love Love Green Gracious. I use lot of my makeup and I like the idea of protecting my skin by putting this on before applying makeup. Cant live without it.

Tammi J. L.

I love Green Gracious. It helps with my eczema and I love the smooth texture of it. I am ready to buy my next supply.

Jody C.

I especially like Kaylas Kurlz Peppermint Crystal Therapy. It is very relaxing and worth every penny.

Kia D.
No WTG Ingridients
  • We do not put any ingredients that don't come from nature.  Many over-the-counter has chemical that can cause cancer, hormonal imbalances, thyroid problems and more.
No parabens, No dyes, No chemicals
  • Our products are made with plant-based ingredients sourced from the USA.  If you notice plants have  beautiful green colors.  They same things can be translated into products for good skincare.
Plant Based Good For the Skin
Organic Beauty Cream
Product Made With You in Mind
  • We promise to bring you superb products you can trust putting on your skin and hair.  They will not have WTF Ingridrients.
Quality Products for YOU!!!