Why You Should Go Green With Your Beauty

Go Green

Go Green Gracious Beauty

What is all the rage about GREEN BEAUTY?


To some, green is just another color, but to others, GREEN is a lifestyle.  The Green Beauty Lifestyle.  For far to long, we have be brainwashed to think that most of the creams we use should be white, most soaps should lather and so on.  That is just not the case.  The soap you use that lathers is caused by a bad chemical your body is absorbing.  It is time we become proactive in what we use on our bodies.  Here are some reasons you should be flying to GO GREEN!!!

  • Many of the ingredients in over-the-counter beauty products get your hormones all out of wack.  Having out of wack hormones can lead to acne and so many different health ailments.
  • Brands don't have to reveal what "fragrance" means.  When you think of fragrance, you usually think of something that smells good.  That can be the case, but often times, "fragrance" means all types of chemicals that can cause anything from swelling to cancer.  It's best to think twice about what's in that fragrance.
  • Going Green Can Be Fun.  When you go green, it might not be in a day or a week, and you may not truly ever go green fully, but its worth it to know that you are cutting down on the chemicals that can adsorb into your body.  Green products are actually nourishing to your body.

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