May 22, 2016

Weekly Hair Routine For Curly Natural Hair


Curly Natural Hair


Having curly hair or natural hair can seem overwhelming and comes with lots of challenges. Your hair may feel dry all the time and just unmanageable. You tend to buy any and everything you see when you are shopping in hopes to find something that will help your hair retain moister and look its best. We all have busy schedules but try the weekly curly natural hair routing below to start locking in the moister your locks need.

  • When you are going to wash your hair, give it a little prep before you start to wash it. Gently use your fingers to start the detangling process. If your locks are especially dry, use your favorite conditioner or hot oil treatment before you wash your hair. Once you apply one of the options mentioned above, put on a plastic cap for at least 30 minutes. The time your hair spends under the plastic cap gives your body heat a chance to penetrate the product to  your hair shaft.


  • When you are ready to wash your hair, cleanse it with a mild (sulfate-free) shampoo


  • ​Once you are done washing your hair, follow up with a good moisturizing conditioner. This is the point where you want to work out remaining tangles. While you are under the water source, use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to finish detangling your hair


  • After the conditioner is rinsed from your hair, blot it dry, and use a deep conditioner


  • Once you apply the deep conditioner, again place a plastic cap on your hair but this time sit under a warm hair dryer for an additional 30 minutes When the 30 minutes is up style your hair as usual.

​It may seem overwhelming to have to do all the steps mentioned above, but your hair will thank you. When you do a weekly routine for your hair make sure you pick a day you have time to do everything listed above. Look at it as your day to pamper yourself.




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