September 5, 2016

Open Letter Blue Ivy Carter

Blue Ivy Carter


Blue Ivy



Blue Ivy Carter Open Letter


Blue Ivy, I know you may not be able to read this now, but one day you might. There is even a greater chance your parents Beyonce' and Jay-Z will never read this either.  With that being said, I want you to know that you are a beautiful, young girl. I sit and ask myself, how can people,  especially adults bully children?  I suppose it is easy for them to do when they hide behind a computer screen.


Blue Ivy, I was bullied when I was your age. I was bullied because of my hair, I was also bullied for being biracial. It is hard to believe that it is 2016 and people get bullied for things like their hair, skin color, what they wear, who they look like, etc. As, I sit and read the blogs, twitter, etc. that criticize your hair and your looks, it brings me to tears. I flash back to the time in my life when others hurt me with their words. However, what hurts most, is when the bulling comes from our own people. 


I use to let it bother me at first, but my mom and aunt told me not to let other peoples word's or actions define who I am. Blue Ivy, you have a mom and dad that love and support you as well.  It was hard in the beginning and it took me sometime to change my way of thinking about myself. As, I went through my journey, I worked hard on my own hair care line...Kayla's Kurlz. Now, I embrace everything about me, because I am an individual. There is only one me, just as there is only one you. Now, I love my hair, and the skin I'm in!  I hope as you grow up, you do too! 


Forever and Always! 


Kayla E.


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taylor - September 5, 2016 Reply

this is honestly the most beautiful thing and thank you for sharing your experiences. the fact that people (especially black people) are making the most disgusting comments about a CHILD is vile. why is that okay? who raised you to be this way? it's pitiful how people are trying to pit her and north west (kim kardashian and kanye west's daughter) against each other. instead of comparing them we should be uplifting the both of them. hopefully one day people can that they are only doing more harm than good.

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