May 22, 2016

Natural Curly Hair At Night Use Satin or Silk

Silk for Natural Curly Hair

Silk for Natural Curly HairSilk for Natural Curly Hair

Your nightly routine is important when you have natural or naturally curly hair. It is important to remember that the hardest thing for your hair is keeping it from being dry. So, try to incorporate this nightly routine as much as you can to prevent the frizz. First, make sure you remove any ponytail holders, pins, or any other hair accessories before going to bed.


Once you have removed all of your accessories, braid, twist, or put your hair in a loose bun. If your hair seems dry, remoisturize before you braid, twist, or put your hair in a bun. Once you have secured your hair cover your hair with a satin or silk bonnet. Satin and silk bonnets can be a challenge for some of us to keep on during the night. If you have trouble keeping the bonnet on, sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase. Also note, while satin will work, the best fabric for natural or naturally curly hair is silk. 


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