December 28, 2016

5 Health Benefits of Cucumbers and How They Can Help Your Health

Benefits of Cucumbers




We have all heard the cliche', eat your vegetables because they are good for you.  The reality is that it is true.  Cucumbers, for instance, pack a very strong punch in the health department and there isn't a wander why they are one of the healthiest vegetables around.  Here are 5 health benefits of cucumbers.

1. Flushes out toxins.  Cucumber have a ton of water in them.  Water flushes out toxins and a build up of toxins can be harmful to  the body . It is known to help rid kidney stones.

2. Packed with Vitamins We need Vitamins to maintain health.  Cucumbers are packed with Vitamins such as  A B and C.  These vitamins are known to give you radiant skin, help boost  immunity, and give you energy.

3.  Just as well as we need to maintain our vitamins, we need to maintain minerals.  Cucumbers are packed with  mineral such as  magnesium, potassium, silicon which are all specific minerals that our bodies need.

4. Helps with Weightloss.  As we know, cucumbers are made up of 95 percent water and are very low in calories.  Cucumbers takes up lots of space in the stomach aiding in the feeling of fullness. Enjoy cucumbers in your salads and soups.


5. Helps  the eyes.  We have all seen the scene in the movies where they place cucumbers on the eyes.  It may be cliche', but cucumbers helps reduce under-eye bags and puffiness. 


(There are five reasons you should grab you a cucumber today!! Stay tuned for more wellness tips and look out for my Newsletter.)

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